Every Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker at lisa-jobaker.com provides a prompt for 5-Minute Friday. She explains it here. The idea is for anyone to write for five minutes on a word that Lisa-Jo posts at 1 minutes past midnight (Eastern Standard Time) every Friday. No preparation, no editing, no perfectionism. And then you post it on your blog, the only rule being that you visit the blog of the person who posted before you.Today is my first 5-Minute Friday.


That’s a mighty fine pie.

She scaled a mighty mountain, and found might within herself. She dragged her tired body on the school run for the 178th time that year, and when her friend called her mighty, she wept. Her husband fought the good fight at work, her children tackled playground shenanigans, and she supported it all. They are all mighty.

She took a much-needed hour walk in the woods, alone, and the sight of one vast beech showed her what mighty is. She took strength and solace from it. That mighty beech inserted an atom of peace into her frazzled being.

In the grocery store, she watched a fat woman with lank, greasy hair speak softly to the most rambunctious of her three boys, and watched mighty parenting in action. She watched a thin, sleek woman with one well-dressed daughter argue frantically over the sugary snack versus the healthy snack, and watched mighty parenting in action. She thought of all the parents of all the disabled children and their daily struggles, more even than her own, to complete the basic tasks of daily living, and she knew what mighty was.