Step one of breaking my chocolate habit includes making a bookmark that highlights the benefits of making a new habit. In an ideal world, I’d have printed several copies of that bookmark, stuck them in all the books I’m reading, pasted them onto mirrors and the steering wheel and even in a corner of my computer screen (maybe a reduced version for that), and by now I would be able to report whether it had had any effect.

In real life, the computer froze and I didn’t get a chance to look at it again for a while. I can report that my habits have not changed. There was a day last week when I had no snacks – only because that’s the way the day’s activities panned out. It felt odd. I was aware of trying to tell myself that this is the new normal.

Facebook pointed me to this website: http://www.xojane.com/fun/gallery/bellies-part-2#1.  It contains dozens of photos of women’s bellies. I was mesmerised. Now I feel better about my belly. And I have to confess that an old flame’s comment that I was looking good boosted my self-image more than I care to admit.

Nonetheless, one of my life’s purposes is movement, and I want to move more lightly and more often.

Stay tuned for further progress….